Feizy Rug Introduction

Do you remember your first steps?


You might remember the first time you stepped barefoot onto grass and the way your footprint was left behind on the bent and broken leaves. Maybe you can remember your first steps on sand and the trouble with locating balance and proper footing.

You might remember the first time you wore mom or dad’s shoes and how each step felt a great deal larger than any of your previous steps. Perhaps you can recollect the first time you threw caution aside and stepped out on the dance floor. Side note – I have never seen a carpeted dance floor and because of that I fail to understand the expression, “cut a rug.”


Speaking of dancing, I remember impersonating James Brown on a slick bowling alley floor. I also recall cracking my second IPod on cold, hard Mexican tile. I remember the day I realized that having a rug at home replaces the need to constantly wear socks. Rest assured, you’ll remember your first steps on a Feizy Rug.