Nicholas Lawrence at Virginia Robinson Gardens Showcase

We are honored to have been invited to participate in the Virginia Robinson Estate showcase house.  Tickets are available at 

VR Gardens

Nicholas Lawrence Design Showroom presents the “Trousdale Lounge”

trousdale light

Come to the Nicholas Lawrence Design Showroom in Brentwood to find a vintage treasure or to work with the designer to custom tailor your own exuberant modernist home furnishings.

Designer Nicholas Hertneck has assembled a collection of vintage objects and furniture from this modern-chic period in design and uses them as his inspiration to create new original pieces for his own collection, “Trousdale Lounge.”

Recently on display at the, “Titans of Business and Best of Design” showcase house at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, the “Trousdale Lounge” is an homage to the stylish neighborhood developed by Paul Trousdale.

Trousdale Estates is an enclave of luxurious, mostly single-story homes in Beverly Hills, developed in the 1950’s and 60’s on a portion of the Greystone mansion grounds and remains a time capsule of “over the top” design created by the best modernist architects of the day.

trousdale lounge 2

The Greystone Mansion and I

“Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills Remade Into Design Wonderland”
Los Angeles Times

Last fall, Nicholas Lawrence Interior Design produced and participated in an over-the-top decorator show house at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. As producers of the event (under the umbrella of their company Design House International) they brought together nearly thirty of Los Angeles’ most talented designers to transform rooms inspired by some of the biggest names in American business.  “Titans of Business and the Best of Design” was visited by 5,000+ guests and generated extensive media coverage with close to 100 different placements in print, online and broadcast venues.

As a participating designer, Lawrence Lazzaro, of Nicholas Lawrence Interior Design, transformed Greystone Mansion’s “Gun Room” into the “New Craftsman Great Room” — a media room inspired by his “Titan of Business” Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC.

Photo credit: Mary E. Nichols

Greystone Mansion – The Gun Room as the “New Craftsman Media Room”

“Mr. Greenblatt is an admirer of the American arts and crafts movement and the design of my room pays tribute to the ideals of the movement: honesty of design, truth in materials, and motifs inspired by nature,” said Lawrence Lazzaro.

According to Lawrence one of hidden gems of his room was the Erickson Woodworking chairs. “The exquisite chairs are made of California Walnut and Maple. Erickson Woodworking is applauded for their ergonomic design and beauty.” Lawrence collaborated with the Nevada City craftsman on the game table designed in California Black Walnut.  “The spade shape in the center was a happy surprise,” said Mr. Lazzaro.

Greystone Mansion – The Gun Room as the “New Craftsman Media Room”

The custom designed upholstery pieces were made in Los Angeles and covered in Robert Allen fabrics.  The lighting is from Zia Priven and the carpet is from Feizy Rugs. The walls are custom stencils with three metallic paints over Benjamin Moore “Deep Coral.”  The Zia Priven Skeleton Floor Lamp was the perfect homage to Greenblatt’s shows like Grimm, Six Feet Under, The Borgias, and it stole the show.

Roberert Greenblatt is Chairman of NBC Entertainment. He is rebuilding NBC with emerging new hits such as The Voice, Blacklist, Chicago Fire, and Grimm. Previously as President of Showtime or as head of programming at the FOX network he was responsible for developing some of television’s seminal shows including: WeedsDexter, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors, Californication, The Big C, The Borgias, Shameless, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, The X-Files, Party of Five, Ally McBeal and King of the Hill.  He is also an award-winning producer of more than a dozen series including the critically-acclaimed Six Feet Under.

All Rise – The Duke of Windsor Chair


I often wonder what my furniture thinks of me. Does my living room approve of my friends? Does my couch appreciate my commitment to eat at the dinner table?  Does my furniture think feng shui is just a bunch of hogwash?

If my walls do talk, the stories they must share with my home furnishings must be informative, possibly scandalous and often embarrassing. These walls have only known me for a short while so their stories can only be brief anecdotes at best. But what about the things my Duke of Windsor chair might say?


Oh, this is ridiculous. My Duke of Windsor chair wouldn’t say anything to tarnish my reputation. With twelve years of service, he has been the most consistent thing in my life. It would be silly to call him a sidekick. There’s no need to refer to it as, “your Grace.” That is not the kind of relationship established here. There is a bond built over time and common understanding built around necessity. I need it, it needs me.

If my Duke of Windsor chair were to talk, it would simply tell stories of past glories, party fables, quiet moments with sincere company and quite possibly a dirty limerick or two.

Windsor 9

Feizy Rug Introduction

Do you remember your first steps?


You might remember the first time you stepped barefoot onto grass and the way your footprint was left behind on the bent and broken leaves. Maybe you can remember your first steps on sand and the trouble with locating balance and proper footing.

You might remember the first time you wore mom or dad’s shoes and how each step felt a great deal larger than any of your previous steps. Perhaps you can recollect the first time you threw caution aside and stepped out on the dance floor. Side note – I have never seen a carpeted dance floor and because of that I fail to understand the expression, “cut a rug.”


Speaking of dancing, I remember impersonating James Brown on a slick bowling alley floor. I also recall cracking my second IPod on cold, hard Mexican tile. I remember the day I realized that having a rug at home replaces the need to constantly wear socks. Rest assured, you’ll remember your first steps on a Feizy Rug.